How urethane improves aluminum manufacturing.

In the last decade, recycling and reusing has become a huge deal. Figuring out how we can reuse everything more than once has been a major issue for every. With that being said, some companies have created a lot of success through that time. A lot of companies have been hurt, but the aluminum industry has made a strong return . Reason being that a lot of the material they are using is recycled aluminum. Aluminum has made their footprints into the manufacturer industry.

What’s the difference between Aluminum and Steel?
Even though steel is over 3 times heavier than aluminum. Aluminum’s strength is very comparable to steel. With the prices of steel on the rise, this makes aluminum a legitimate substitute in the coil processing business. Durability is a major quality all manufacturers are looking for to make sure they are getting their money’s worth on a product. One very nice quality of aluminum is the malleability of it. Aluminum has more bending density compared to the density of steel. One minor downfall of aluminum is the rebounding qualities compared to steel. Because aluminum is nonmagnetic and deflective, this makes steel a lot easier to weld.

Why should you protect your Aluminum coil with a polyurethane coating?
Every point in a coil processing line at which the finished surface of the material is touching another surface is an opportunity to damage the material. From the loading of coils onto the coil car to the pay-off reel and threading through the line, coil processors must pay extra attention to their processes to avoid scratching the finished surfaces. Even the surface on which the coils are laid during inventory is a potential source of damage to surface-sensitive materials. Polyurethane would prevent these potential sources of damage.

My opinion?
To me in my eyes, this is a no brainer. When you buy a house or a car what is the second thing you have to buy? Insurance, when you make a hefty purchase you don’t want to worry about the damages or the affects if something goes wrong. Polyurethane coating is no different than insurance. Your company or you spend a lot of money on steel/aluminum rolls to produce your coils and the last thing you want is a dent or a gouge to affect how your coils are going to turn out like. This could lead to hefty repairs and a bad coil or coils depending on how long it took you to realize that there was an issue with it.